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People who don’t care about politics are no friend of mine. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to worry about these things! This is your COUNTRY. This is your WORLD. GET EDUCATED BECAUSE ITS ALL ABOUT TO BURN IF SOMETHING DOESNT CHANGE.

While I’m on this rant, wanna know another thing that drives me insane?! The whole “why can’t you just let people do them and you do you” argument. HELLO. Have you no brain cells?! The MINUTE everyone stops caring about what everyone else is doing is the minute humanity falls. We’re already selfish enough. We already worry about ourselves way more than we worry about others and it’s horrendous. This is why the world is going to hell in a hand basket. BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES A SHIZ. NO ONE cares that people are killing their unborn children, no one cares that the government has become so beyond corrupt, no one cares that the education system has drastically changed for the worse, no one cares that people are addicted to artificial substances, NO ONE EVEN CARES TO VOTE FOR WHO SHOULD RUN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO BUSY “DOIN THEM”. They have this mindset of “well imma let them do them and I’ll do me” HOWS THAT WORKIN OUT FOR US?! No one believes in anything any more! No one is passionate about anything anymore! You all conform to this big generalized OPINION of how things should be and YOU DONT EVEN BOTHER FINDING YOUR OWN because you are TOO BUSY TWEETING ABOUT YOUR DAMN BREAKFAST.

These Harvard students who think America is a greater threat to world peace than ISIS are straight up delusional. You’re trying to tell me that AMERICA the first ones who help EVERY COUNTRY when they need it are threatening world peace when ISIS is BEHEADING AND CRUCIFYING AND MURDERING HUMAN BEINGS IN THE STREET AND BRAINWASHING CHILDREN TO DO THE SAME. And DO NOT give me ANY of the “well they just think differently because of their religion”. So that justifies MURDER?! YOU MY FRIEND just as bad if that’s what you think?! I could name a GAZILLION good things America has done, but can you name ONE good thing that ISIS has done?! NO. BECAUSE THEY ARE INSANE AND ARE TAKING AWAY WORLD PEACE BY THREATENING SEVERAL COUNTRIES WITH TERRORISM.

You know what we need? People to STOP getting SO offended over the DUMBEST things. You don’t want to say “God” during the pledge of allegiance? Cool. Don’t. But don’t force everyone else not to say it because it “offends” you for some reason. Wanna know what SHOULD offend you? BEHEADINGS.

Everything about society is a double standard.

They want you to be unique and be yourself but the minute you disagree with someone, you’re WRONG. Everyone MUST be accepted. No one can EVER get their feelings hurt. You MUST think gay marriage is okay or you’re homophobic. You MUST believe in religion or else you’re a bad person. But hey, go ahead. Be yourself. Think your own thoughts. Everyone accepts everyone, right? #WRONG

Topics tumblr likes to talk about even though they have no idea what they are talking about

War on women
Gay marriage
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Global warming
Desexualization of women
Gender equality
seriously, I’m usually not this big of a “hater” but I am so sick of seeing this stupidity on my dash. PLEASE get an education. PLEASE go listen and research BOTH SIDES before coming to your conclusion. I cannot. Take. Anymore. Idiots.